Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Peplum Leather Style Diary With Members Only

| "We built this city on rock and roll." -Starship |

Recently, I had the incredible privilege of working with Members Only to infuse my personal blogging style into their iconic look. Because Members Only is exceedingly well known for their prominence in the fashion trends of the 80's, this opportunity seemed to fit perfectly with me. (If you've been reading my blog lately, you'll know my current obsessions are all within the realm of the 80's era, stemming from my love for Stranger Things and leading to my subsequent infatuation with Stephen King, conspiracy theories, *all* the 80's playlists, etc. If you haven't had a chance to see the post I wrote on Stranger Things, you can check it out here!)

It makes sense, then, that I was excited to style for a brand so famous for their 80's presence (not to mention, one that was actually featured in Stranger Things!). Members Only generously gifted me this gorgeous peplum jacket for styling purposes, and I have to say in complete honesty that I absolutely adore it. Because it is 100% leather, it fits so comfortably and feels soft to the touch. The color is a rich berry shade, in my opinion the perfect compromise between a vibrant tone and the presentation of a beautiful, feminine appearance. 

To continue with the 80's feel as well as incorporate my personal style into the look, I paired the jacket with this plaid Heritage skirt from Topshop (you may have spotted it in my post on Stranger Things), a white cropped t-shirt from Brandy Melville, and my faux suede booties from Aerosoles. Mixed with the neon lights of a buzzing city in the outset of a dimming afternoon, this outfit made for the perfect 80's-infused prep style. 

 | "You know she likes the lights at night on the neon Broadway signs." -Bon Jovi |

You can find the jacket here and the rest of the outfit linked below. Be on the lookout for a second Style Diary with Members Only soon!

xx Erin Nicole


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