Tuesday, October 3, 2017

To Paris, With Love

| "There is but one Paris... the French air clears up the brain and does good - a world of good." -Vincent van Gogh | 

If I had to choose one word to fully describe my ideal style and what I find most beautiful, I would choose the word Parisian. I'm not from France, nor do I have French ancestry, but I am absolutely convinced that my soul was formed in Paris. In another life, I grew up as a French girl wearing long, airy skirts with heels who spent the majority of her adolescence twirling her hair and reading as many novels as possible in quaint coffee shops off to the side of winding cobblestone streets... I'm sure of it. 

There is, I believe, an elegance and sophistication in Parisian fashion, architecture, and lifestyle that is unparalleled within the rest of the world. French women place a strong focus on femininity and possess a deep love for classic, timeless trends in style. And although we sadly could not have all been born in Paris, its dictation in fashion set the rules I follow before any others. As Sacha Guitry so eloquently stated, "To be Parisian is not to have been born in Paris, but to be reborn."

With this outfit, I combined together a few of what I consider to be classically Parisian staples, perhaps the main of these being the striped top. Mine is by Pink Rose and is one of my favorites due to its thin, light design. Of course, I had to add a pale pink necktie scarf, as I think this just adds so much of a French feel to the outfit. The leather jacket is another staple that accomplishes the classically Parisian-chic look.

To finish the outfit, I added a simple black a-line skirt from Forever 21 and my favorite faux suede booties from Aerosoles. The Kurt Geiger tote is one of my two everyday bags, so it is what I chose to bring along when I styled the outfit. However, as an alternative I would recommend adding a red crossbody bag if you have one, because I think that would look so Parisian and fabulous (I'm a little sad I didn't incorporate a pop of red into the outfit, but I do just adore my Kurt Geiger bag so I'm not complaining too much, ha). Also, adding a beret to this look would be so, so perfect! I think a sleek, straightened hairstyle looks so sophisticated and chic; it's been my favorite lately!

Oh, Paris, how I love you. Until I can call you home, I will continue dressing to pretend that I do.

xx Erin Nicole


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