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Favorite Fall Drugstore Products

| "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." -L. M. Montgomery |

One of the greatest fortunes when it comes to makeup is that there is such a large amount of quality drugstore products available. I sometimes think I actually prefer drugstore makeup over high-end, regardless of the price. For one thing, there are so many dupes for more expensive products that do the job just as well. Beyond that, I've found that at least a few drugstore brands have more quality, pigmented makeup than their significantly more costly competitors. Personally, I love looking at all of the drugstore finds, hauls, and monthly favorites -- you know, all of those bloggery things that bloggers do -- because it gets me so excited to experiment with new, quality makeup without spending a fortune. Also, it's so fun to look at. Don't fight me on this. Makeup is SO fun to look at. Ugh. Yes. Just so much yes. 

I've put together a little guide to some of my all-time favorite drugstore products: *Fall Edition*. (The best kind of edition.) These are all drugstore brands that I highly recommend and believe offer some of the best products on the market. For my fall favorites, I picked a few specific products that I have been using a ton lately and colors that I love playing around with in autumn.

This first brand is one that I will always, always recommend. Although it's not offered in a lot of stores, ColourPop is one of the best drugstore brands out there. Their Super Shock eyeshadows in specific are so pigmented and absolutely stunning- and each shadow is only $5! If you're looking for a specific fall color that's super pigmented and got a hint of glitter, this is the place to look. These three shades are "Bubbly," "Drift," and "Game Face." All of their products can be found here.  

Another ride or die eye product of mine is the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. I have tried so many mascaras over the years, both drugstore and high-end, and the best two I have ever used are this one and the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I actually use the Maybelline one more often and have been for months now. However, I have heard that L'Oreal now has a dupe for the Better Than Sex so that's the first thing on my list of products to try!

Ok, you guys. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Wet N Wild may be my top favorite drugstore brand of all time. I could write an entire separate blog post on how much I love Wet N Wild's existence. Not only are they probably the cheapest you will find in the drugstore, but they are also incredibly pigmented, quality products- much more pigmented than tons of high-end stuff I've tried. I use the MegaGlo Contouring Palette in the shade Dulce De Leche every day, and when I say this stuff is pigmented, I'm not lying- you actually have to be sparing and careful with how much you get on the brush. It retails for $5, so there's really no better deal. This blush in the shade Mellow Wine is less than $3 and another one of my favorite beauty products of all time. I also recommend their eyeshadows! Again, they're all so pigmented and so cheap -- the makeup lover's dream.

As for brushes, I am a firm believer in that the best in the market are drugstore. Real Techniques rules the world of makeup brushes. I can't put into words how much I love them, but just know that they are incredible and all you will ever need. This is their blush brush, a staple in my everyday makeup routine. Other than everything by Real Techniques, I also recommend the (relatively) new brushes by Wet N Wild, of course. This is their flat top brush and it works so well for contouring!

My favorite fall lipsticks this year are both by Maybelline, in the shades Divine Wine and Untainted Spice. Maybelline lipsticks are absolutely perfect; they don't smudge onto anything, which is so rare for any kind of lipstick, and they stay on for hours and fade so naturally. Sadly, this picture doesn't do my two autumnal shades of choice much justice, but Divine Wine (left) is a deep plum color while Untainted Spice (right) is a dark brown nude. I've been using both of these nonstop lately! 

Factually, Soap & Glory gives me life... enough said. Their products smell like flowers and candy from heaven in a container. Every time I use The Righteous Butter lotion (which is, you know, always) I get compliments on how great it smells. You have to try this and the other incredible products by Soap & Glory; I am absolutely in love with them!

Lastly, I want to recommend two nail polish brands that I have sworn by for years. The first is Essie, which has a great variety of gorgeous pale neutrals and pink shades. The one pictured here is in the shade "Brides To Be." The other nail polish brand that I'm obsessed with is Sinful Colors, as they are only a few dollars each and last so well. This one is in the shade "Starfish." As you can probably guess, I prefer my nails to be pink always and the fall makes no exception. I do like to play around with a bit deeper and darker of pinks and neutrals in autumn, so these shades are perfect!   

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed browsing through this as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

xx Erin Nicole


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