Friday, September 15, 2017

Faux Fur Chic

| "Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself." -Oscar De La Renta |

I could probably excuse bringing the faux fur back this early in the season by explaining that I styled this outfit on a relatively chilly day here in NYC, but in complete honesty it could be upwards of 80 degrees outside and I'd most likely wear it still. It is, I believe, as Ken Downing once said: "She doesn't wear fur because she is cold, she wears fur because she is glamorous." 

(Insert emoji girl flicking her hair back here.)

But seriously guys, adding a faux fur jacket to pretty much any dress literally makes a girl feel like a movie star. I love that timeless pieces in fashion can be so subtle and yet add so much. And with this outfit, I wanted to feel a little extra. ;)

Without the jacket, I think this little ensemble is perfect for the hotter days of this current season. This checked, off-the-shoulder shift dress is from Primark and so adorable whether it's styled alone or dressed up. I added a pale pink neck scarf I picked up at a boutique store to make the outfit fit better to my personal style. My suede black booties are from DSW and keep everything cute and comfortable!

Because I wanted to turn the outfit into one better suited for colder weather (and because I just really, really wanted to feel #glamorous), I draped my faux fur coat from Forever 21 over the dress to create that classic Hollywood feel. I'm not gonna lie, I preferred the outfit so much more with the fur -- I realized while walking through the city streets with this coat draped over my arms that I need to walk around in fur, like, a whole lot more often. #Glamorous.

I don't know about you, but I am highly reminded of the famous opening scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's by these photos... something I can work with.

xx Erin Nicole


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