Thursday, September 28, 2017

Morphe 35O Palette Swatches & Review

| "Smart beauty is about looking your best and feeling your best and never overpaying for it." -Stacy London |

Throughout the autumnal season, my favorite trend in makeup is the array of deep plums and orange tones. Although I regularly prefer working with silver and pink eyeshadows, I think fall is the perfect time to play around with lots of slightly more intense purples, oranges, and browns. A favorite among beauty bloggers is the Morphe 35O Palette, so naturally I decided to try it out and see for myself if the palette lives up to the hype. 

The palette retails at $23, which is definitely on the cheaper side for a palette of 35 shades. I find that unlike most other makeup, eyeshadow is something you need to invest in for the higher quality. When it comes to eyeshadow, it's most likely that the quality and pigmentation is going to get exponentially better with the increase in price, with just a ~few~ exceptions (lookin' at you, Wet N Wild... you rock my world. Keep doing you). 

I am so excited to have found that the norm isn't the case when it comes to Morphe. These shadows are so pigmented, and the variety of vivid colors complement each other perfectly. And the best, best part: the foils and glittery shadows are *incredible*. We all love our pigmented matte shades, but it's so difficult to find quality shimmers that actually show up and add to our makeup looks. Well, look no further - Morphe's got you covered. And yes, I am thrilled. 

I swatched each row of the palette from left to right here: 

I definitely found that the lighter shades weren't as pigmented, but guys, can we appreciate those shimmers? I am in love. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a complete "autumnal" palette -- there are so many shades of oranges and browns that are perfect for experimenting with fall makeup looks. Also, if you're looking for any highly pigmented glitters, Morphe seems to be the place to search. This palette has some gorgeous pink and orange shimmers that I am determined to incorporate into my upcoming makeup looks. (**Side note: on the topic of quality shimmer shadows, I would also recommend both Colourpop and Wet N Wild! Maybe a blog post on my favorites from those brands next? Let me know!)

Hope you enjoyed this little review! Overall, I recommend it for sure. So many beautiful autumnal shades for a great price! You can find the palette here.

xx Erin Nicole

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Classic Elegance with Simplicitly Yours

| "I'm not sure of what I'll do, but - well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale." -F. Scott Fitzgerald |

Sunday afternoons are perfect for quiet strolls through downtown city streets and late morning coffee. I am starting to find them the happiest part of every week, as the pleasantly drowsy calm always seems to find just the right way to recharge and inspire me. In my opinion, dressing up in something simple and classically elegant to go get coffee with friends and enjoy the unassuming, darling attitude of the city in the dawn of a new week is one of life's most understated yet subtly brilliant joys.

This afternoon, I decided to go with a simple, sleeveless pale pink dress from Monteau Los Angeles. This dress is my go-to every time I'm in a rush and need to throw something on knowing it'll keep me looking classic and cute! I paired it with my favorite grey over-the-knee suede boots from Nature Breeze to keep with the simple and chic attitude of the look. 

To top off the outfit, I added my brand new, beautifully detailed Avelle crossbody bag from Simplicitly Yours. I adore this bag for its floral components and chain embroidery, and I find it to be the perfect balance between trendy and classic. It adds hints of subtle glam to otherwise modest outfits!

I am so excited to say that I have partnered with Simplicitly Yours to bring all of my readers the coupon code 'ERIN20' that can be used at checkout for 20% off the entire website. Their shop can be found at I highly recommend checking out their handbags specifically, as I am so smitten with mine! 

Thanks for reading! As always, I hope this has provided plenty of pretty inspiration. 

xx Erin Nicole


Friday, September 15, 2017

Faux Fur Chic

| "Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself." -Oscar De La Renta |

I could probably excuse bringing the faux fur back this early in the season by explaining that I styled this outfit on a relatively chilly day here in NYC, but in complete honesty it could be upwards of 80 degrees outside and I'd most likely wear it still. It is, I believe, as Ken Downing once said: "She doesn't wear fur because she is cold, she wears fur because she is glamorous." 

(Insert emoji girl flicking her hair back here.)

But seriously guys, adding a faux fur jacket to pretty much any dress literally makes a girl feel like a movie star. I love that timeless pieces in fashion can be so subtle and yet add so much. And with this outfit, I wanted to feel a little extra. ;)

Without the jacket, I think this little ensemble is perfect for the hotter days of this current season. This checked, off-the-shoulder shift dress is from Primark and so adorable whether it's styled alone or dressed up. I added a pale pink neck scarf I picked up at a boutique store to make the outfit fit better to my personal style. My suede black booties are from DSW and keep everything cute and comfortable!

Because I wanted to turn the outfit into one better suited for colder weather (and because I just really, really wanted to feel #glamorous), I draped my faux fur coat from Forever 21 over the dress to create that classic Hollywood feel. I'm not gonna lie, I preferred the outfit so much more with the fur -- I realized while walking through the city streets with this coat draped over my arms that I need to walk around in fur, like, a whole lot more often. #Glamorous.

I don't know about you, but I am highly reminded of the famous opening scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's by these photos... something I can work with.

xx Erin Nicole


Friday, September 8, 2017

Fall Favorites

| "Ah, September! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul..." -Peggy Toney Horton |

This week's post is a bit different from my usual lately -- because it is now the second week of September, I want to share with you all some of my favorite fall products / pieces / unnecessary necessities. Wait, a blog post from me, about fall? Unheard of!

  (The Autumnal Saga continues.) 

With the recent beginnings of change in season, I have been absolutely loving all of these little gems. I hope this provides lots of festive inspiration and tips for the transition into fall!

For everyday autumnal makeup looks, I've often been mixing the subtle and rosy Benefit Dandelion Blush with my favorite fall lip color, Maybelline's Divine Wine. Because the lipstick is a dark plum shade, I try to keep the rest of my makeup bright to contrast with the bold lip. The light pink in this blush is the perfect match and effortlessly balances the look. 

For eyeshadow, my favorite fall trend is blending shimmery pinks over warm, orange undertones. One of the best palettes to use to achieve this look is the Too Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow Palette. It's full of gorgeous oranges, shades of pink, and neutral tones! I also love wearing the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Toast of New York to top off orange-toned makeup looks; the lip shade itself is a bright, orange-undertoned nude and looks so festive with the eyeshadow!

I'm going to keep it short and sweet with a fall fashion favorite (as we all know that there is plenty of that on this blog already..). I absolutely love adding these Forever 21 lace-up booties to my fall looks - they're so effortless and incorporate chic attitude and more of an autumnal feel into all of my outfits. As I bought them last fall, I believe the exact matches have sadly sold out online, but I found a pair very similar here

Another fall favorite that I just have to add is my record player and a few of my recent favorite records. Listening to and appreciating music is like breathing to me - I have to have it in some form or another. Nothing soothes and comforts me quite like quieting my mind, playing a record, and being still.   

Regardless of the season, one of the best artists for these moments is Novo Amor. I cannot recommend his music enough or put into words how beautiful it is. Listen to him. Follow him on Instagram. Support his art! I wish I could tell you how much his music and the songs of artists similar to him have helped me and still bring me internal clarity every single day. Another artist I highly recommend is Daughter. To say they are lyrically brilliant would be an understatement. Again, their music has had an incredibly powerful impact on me. I definitely recommend checking them out! And, of course, everything is better on a record player, right? 

Two final favorites I want to recommend are this fall-scented candle and seasonal tea. In continuation with what I said about winding down with a record, I have yet to find any combination better than soft indie music, burning candles, and a cup of hot tea. Nothing - literally, nothing - is able to calm and recharge me like this does. I found this little fall leaves-scented candle at TJ Maxx (I believe it is by Scentsational), and it is basically happiness in a jar. I'm also currently obsessed with this Harvest Blend Herbal Tea from Trader Joe's. All of fall's best tastes converted into one hot drink? I'll take it! Always two thumbs up for this duo. 

I hope this has provided inspiration for you and that you're looking forward to fall's blossoming as much as I am!

xx Erin Nicole 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fall Lookbook 2017

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns." -George Eliot, Letter to Miss Lewis

Happy September! We are getting closer and closer to my absolute favorite time of the year; the air outside has already gotten colder and right now as I type this I am wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and sipping on pumpkin spice tea, and basically my heart is so full. (Protip: add a Vance Joy playlist to moments like this. Or when you're sitting inside on a rainy afternoon listening to the soft patter of the raindrops hitting the window, or when you're on the subway or in your car, or when you're watching the leaves gently blow off of trees as you walk down a sidewalk on a quiet morning... basically, add Vance Joy to literally everything. You will not regret this. So I may have spent more of the past two weeks listening to "Georgia" than not listening to it, but is this a problem? LOL. Far from it.)

For my seasonal lookbook, I've put together three outfits that I felt best embody my fall style. My absolute favorite trend this season is the classic over the knee boot, which I incorporated into each look in this post. Throughout the colder months I love to add them to so many different outfits, as they can complete virtually any look. I hope this gives you lots of style inspo as we continue into autumn! Now, without further ado...

Outfit #1: White Cold Shoulder Knit Top, Pale Pink Faux Suede Skirt, & Over the Knee Boots

Pastels, pastels. I will take them all. For this first look I paired a cold-shoulder white knit top from Hollister with a faux suede, pale pink mini skirt by Missguided. My over the knee boots are from Nature Breeze, and while I sadly cannot find the exact matches online, I am linking a few very similar here: 

Outfit #2: Pink Frill Top, Faux Suede Brown Skirt, & Over the Knee Boots

My second outfit consists of one of my most worn fall pieces - this faux suede skirt from Forever 21 - with a ruffle top from Express and the same Nature Breeze over the knee boots. I absolutely love adding this skirt to so many different autumnal looks. The short-sleeve top is perfect for warmer fall days when you want to dress for the season and still be cute and comfortable! 

Outfit #3: White Romper, Fishnet Tights, & Over the Knee Boots

For my third and final outfit, I wore one of my favorite rompers from Abercrombie over fishnet tights. I actually prefer styling this romper with tights over wearing it alone! I find that adding any pair of tights underneath gives the look much more of a chic edge and attitude. The pair I wore for this specific outfit are from Duane Reade (ha, shoutout to NYC), but this pair from Forever 21 are almost identical. For the finishing touch - and this may come as a shock - I added my favorite boots. The final result is one of my most worn outfits of the season!

PSA: I hope you are not yet over these boots. Because this is not the end of them... not even close.

Also - if anyone has Vance Joy's number, can you tell him to hit me up?

xx Erin Nicole
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