Thursday, August 24, 2017

Transitioning Into Fall With Pastels

If you know me, you'll probably know that I am pretty much ecstatic writing a post with this title because of all my many passions in this life, two of those at the very top of the list are 1) pastels - duh - and 2) FALL. I am so ready for fall, and I don't really mind ignoring what might be socially acceptable right now and dressing for fall in what is technically still summer just for the sake of preparing for my favorite season. And of course, beyond that, it's great to be thinking about how to switch up your wardrobe to fit with this transition into colder weather over the upcoming weeks! 

As I've mentioned (here and many other times), I adore pastels and always love incorporating them into my closet. I think they work particularly well for the progression into fall because they add subtle, pretty color into what would otherwise be a darker look. For this outfit, I tucked a Lila Rose cold shoulder pastel pink top with adorable bell sleeves into a regular black a-line skirt from Forever 21. To add to the look, I opted for fishnet tights that incorporated a lot more detail fit for fall into the outfit.

Continuing with the pops of lighter color, I matched the outfit with my everyday white Coach crossbody bag. Because I wanted the hints of pink and white to be the focus of the outfit, I chose my favorite black faux suede booties by Aerosoles with gold buckle detailing to finish off the look. The finished result appeared super chic with a bit of an edge, which I loved!

I just cannot wait for more fall looks...

xx Erin Nicole 


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