Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The District, 9 AM

Nothing thrills me quite like the rush of mornings in the city. There's something about the brisk walks of passing commuters mixed with the loud signals of cars whizzing by and the haste of a restless capital in action that fills me with an unparalleled excitement. While this could very well be because it gives me an excuse to grab coffee and stride through over-populated streets in my favorite new styles (my favorite hobby by far), I have always liked to think that the real reason I adore these mornings so strongly is in the fact that it forces me and all those around me to jump into the upcoming day without hesitation. 

For this particular morning, spent in an awakening Washington, D.C., I chose to wear one of my absolute favorite outfits in my wardrobe. Let's start with what is, in my opinion, the best part (why save it for last?):

The Shoes: I am so utterly obsessed with these faux suede boots. Like, obsessed in a literal sense. I would give up a lot of things before giving up these shoes. I originally bought them in black, and ended up needing to buy another pair in grey... obviously. I'd been searching for a perfect set of over-the-knee heel boots for forever, and these were so affordable compared to a lot of others I found. They also fit better than any other pair I'd tried; I tend to like a chunkier heel (clumsiness and loose joints aren't the best combination ever), and these have that while still appearing dainty and chic. Super comfortable, super affordable, so super cute... they are the dream boots. These are by Nature Breeze and again, I bought them at a discount shop in Manhattan so I didn't find the exact matches online, but I found very similar in the same affordable price range here. (Note: mine are closest in color to the Mocha option.)

The Top: I purchased this off-the-shoulder top during my very first trip into Madewell. I had never heard of the store, but it quickly became one of my favorites. It's full of casual but classic pieces, and also has a great assortment of accessories like neck scarves and jewelry. This top is equally casual and stylish and features flowing sleeves and a Bardot cut to make it feminine and elegant. The link will be listed along with those for the skirt and the bag at the end of this post, which brings me to my next point...

The Skirt: This denim A-line skirt can be matched with so many different styles and is a perfect addition to any closet. Again, it can be casual and paired with sneakers or dressed up a bit like I did here. I love having a few classic denim pieces in my wardrobe at all times, but there seems to be a very fine line with denim when it comes to what I love and what I can't stand... so I tend to be picky! This skirt definitely makes the 'love' list; it fits well and adds a casually cute twist to many of my outfits. 

The Bag: It's by Kurt Geiger and it is the best bag that has ever happened to me... enough said. Mine is the Saffiano London Tote in the color Taupe, and I also attached an adorable pale pink flower bouquet keychain to make it more summery and to fit my style even better. You can find the add-on keychain here

The Neck Scarf: I completely adore this neck scarf and it has definitely become one of my summer essentials. Since I wear a lot of off-the-shoulder styles, adding a simple neck scarf transforms any of these looks into something so classic and vintage. This is the Francine Neck Scarf from Lou Lou Boutiques and you can find it here. I had to buy this in two shades of pink, because 1) neck scarves are basically my style aesthetic embodied, 2) pink, and 3) who doesn't want to feel like a 1950s movie star?!

I can pretty much guarantee that this will not be the only appearance of a few of these pieces (and the same styles in different colors), because I just love them so much... 

Thanks for reading! 
With love, Erin Nicole x

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